Kadyny Folwark Hotel & Spa


Kadyny Folwark Hotel & Spa near Tolkmicko, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, northern Poland Between the wealth of beautiful forests of the Elbląg Upland and the charming beaches of the Vistula Lagoon, driving along the new road from Elbląg via Suchacz, you will find the village of Kadyny. Here, on the grounds of the former summer residence [...]

Manowce Palace


Manowce Palace - Luxury Exclusive Event and Holiday Venue Near The Baltic Sea Manowce is a historic property uniquely located in northwestern Poland, surrounded by vast woods, far from residential areas and set right on the shore of a large bay next to the Baltic Sea. Despite its remote location, Manowce is only 2.5 [...]

Willa Wiluszówka


Willa Wiluszówka in Dębica, Podkarpackie Willa Wiluszówka is a historic Italian-style villa carefully restored and converted into a luxurious family-owned hotel which impresses with a unique atmosphere. The hotel is located in the picturesque town of Dębica, not far from Kraków and Rzeszów. Dębica is well connected with an airport and a train station [...]

Pacółtowo Palace


Pacółtowo Palace in Gierzwałd, Warmia and Masuria, Poland Located among fields and meadows, in a picturesque area of Dylewskie hills in the Masuria, the property is a two-hundred year old historic boutique palace and hotel. Pałac Pacółtowo offers accommodation in 14 air conditioned rooms in palace (Pałac) and in 11 rooms in outbuilding (Oficyna). [...]

Hotel Pałac Mała Wieś


Hotel Pałac Mała Wieś in Belsk Duży, Mazowieckie Hotel Palace Mala Wies is an exceptional example of the harmony between magnificent nature, interesting history, unique, local cuisine and picturesque and comfortable interiors. The venue was established in 1786 and was throughout history a witness of many important events. First the house of the Polish [...]

Miodunski Manor


Mioduński Estate in Mioduńskie, Masurian Lakes Mioduński Estate - over a century-old classicistic Prussian manor house situated in Mioduńskie with a magnificent view of the lake “Szymon” below. Mioduńskie became a village in 1582 and is located in the area of the Great Masurian Lakes District. A huge 470-year-old oak grows on the estate. [...]

Komierowo Palace


Komierowo Palace near Sepolno Krajenskie, Kuyavian-Pomeranian The history of the Komierowski family, the Pomian of Komierowo coat of arms, goes back to the times of Czech knight Sobiesław Bossuta, recognized as the protoplast of the family. According to the family chronicle he was the member of Czech princess Doubravka of Bohemia entourage, the wife [...]

Dwor Sierakow


Dwór Sieraków in Sieraków, Małopolska Place influences mood. It is no coincidence that a manor house was constructed on this particular hill and no other in the 15th century. The present neoclassical form was erected in 1847. The building has now regained its beauty after long hibernation, expressing the warmth, charm and discreet elegance [...]

Castle Hotel Podewils


Hotel Podewils in Krag, West Pomerania, Poland *** Hotel Podewils in Krag is one of the largest 15th-century Knight's Castles in Pomerania. The castle was built on oak piles, just like the houses in Venice, and therefore belongs to the so-called Water Castles. The old legend says that the number of windows in the [...]

Hotel Podewils


Podewils Hotel in Gdansk, Pomerania ***** The Podewils Hotel in Gdansk is a baroque, very carefully restored mansion picturesquely located in the old part of the city by the Motlawa River. Thanks to its sophisticated 18th century architecture, artistic interiors, and at the latest technology, is a showcase of the world's highest standard. There [...]

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