Do you have a favorite hotel you feel should receive official recognition for providing outstanding experiences? If so, you can easily suggest your preferred establishment to receive one of the following awards:

  • Heritage & Design
  • Heritage & Wellness
  • Heritage & Gastronomy
  • Heritage & Hospitality
  • Heritage & Culture
  • Heritage & Romance
  • Host of the Year

The Heritage Hotels of Europe Awards will be handed out every year in autumn – the first ceremony will be held on 17th NOV 2018. All of the winners will be presented after the awards ceremony on this website.

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The voting period for the Heritage Hotels of Europe Awards 2018 is now closed.

The Award 2018 winners:

  • Heritage & Design                            Chateau Gbeľany, Gbeľany, Slovensko
  • Heritage & Wellness                        Grandhotel Praha, Tatranská Lomnica, Slovensko
  • Heritage & Gastronomy                   Strasserwirt – Herrenansitz zu Tirol, Strassen, Rakúsko
  • Heritage & Hospitality                     Romantik Hotel Gmachl, Elixhausen, Rakúsko
  • Heritage & Culture                           Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Rakúsko
  • Heritage & Romance                        Hotel Château Béla, Belá, Slovensko
  • Host of the Year                                Prónay Castle, Alsópetény, Maďarsko