Who we are

We are…

… a federation of hotel associations from different European countries

… a quality collection for travelers sharing common values without borders

… a bridge from the past through the present to the future

Our aim is…

… to preserve and cherish the cultural and historical heritage we have been entrusted with

… to offer our guests the best selection of tradition-rich hotels, from castles, fortresses and manor houses, to country homes, palaces and city palais

We offer…

… a unique hotel collection as an escape from our fast-paced world

… authenticity, unique atmosphere and excellent service at all our properties

… memorable experiences and living hospitality provided by devoted hosts

Who we are? Look at our coat of arms and listen to the story!

Once upon a time, different hotel associations from different European countries – each with its own beautiful selection of tradition-rich hotels – joined forces to present their gems and hideaways together under one “flag”.

In our European realm, only one crown counts – the one we bestow upon each of our guests whom we are honored to welcome to our historic properties. These range from castles, palaces and fortresses, to former abbeys, mills and hunting lodges, to manor houses, country estates and city palais.

We offer the key that opens doors, behind which you are greeted by an array of outstanding moments, recreation and adventures, conviviality, enjoyment and happiness, secrets and marvels.

You love hearing about history, legends and stories. And you will undoubtedly long to write down your very own unforgettable memories.

All you need to complete your perfect experience: the sincere hospitality that comes straight from the heart of our devoted hosts.

This is who we are: the HERITAGE HOTELS OF EUROPE

Wish to join our family?

You are running a historic property or you are managing a group of heritage hotels and you would like to join our family? Please just sent your request to info@heritagehotelsofeurope.com and we will with pleasure get back to you very soon.