Hotel Podewils in Krag, West Pomerania, Poland

*** Hotel Podewils in Krag is one of the largest 15th-century Knight’s Castles in Pomerania. The castle was built on oak piles, just like the houses in Venice, and therefore belongs to the so-called Water Castles. The old legend says that the number of windows in the castle corresponds to the number of days in the year, the number of rooms – weeks, the number of entrances – the number of months, and the four castle towers are equivalent to the four seasons. This picturesque place with a historic park (2.6 ha) is one of the most interesting and beautiful monuments in Europe. In the nineteenth century it was called the “Flower Castle”.

The Hotel’s location on the lake, among forests, away from the bustle of cities, creates ideal conditions for rest and recreation. The stylish nature of the interior and the use of modern technical solutions combines tradition with modernity and comfort. Guests have at their disposal 50 rooms, including 11 apartments, a restaurant with a fireplace, a cafe with a large terrace overlooking the lake and 5 conference rooms.

Castle Hotel Podewils

Krąg 16
76-010 Polanów

Member of Historic Hotels Poland

Tel: +48 94 34 70 516

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