Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park aims to conserve the unique landscape complex of the banks of Kaunas lagoon, its natural ecosystem, and cultural heritage. In this article, we will explore this exceptional park in Lithuania.

Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park

Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park is a governmental organization established in 1992 with the purpose to preserve and keep Kaunas lagoon’s unique nature: cliffs, outcrops, rare animals and plant species for future generations.

It covers the total of 101.73 km² and it is one of the 30 regional parks in Lithuania.


Features of the Park

Kaunas is a man-made reservoir. The total area of the park together with the village Girionys is extremely rich in plant and animal diversity.

It is the biggest park by area and the richest by its number of tree species in Lithuania. Additionally, trees in the park have been planted to commemorate the considerable events and famous foresters as well.

In the park you will see almost all known species of water birds in Lithuania and old pine forests at Rumšiškės and Dabinta. Moreover, here lives one of the biggest population of edible dormice.

Other than the reservoir itself, other features in the park are man-made. These include:

  • Arlaviškis botanical reserve, which is famous for its juniper valley;
  • Girionys Park, a landscape park on the bank of Kaunas Reservoir, in the eastern edge of Kaunas.

Where to stay near Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park

If you are planning to visit the Kaunas Lagoon peninsula and its regional park, look no further than Monte Pacis. This is a hospitality complex offering the perfect location for guests in search of nature, calm and exceptional accommodation.

Hospitality Complex “Monte Pacis” is a four-star hotel and restaurant, situated in a magnificent XVII century baroque ensemble called Pažaislis monastery ensemble.

GDL Chancellor Kristupas Zigmantas Pacas built the complex for guests, travellers and for himself. The name, MONTE PACIS, means the “mountain of peace”.

Monte Pacis


This unique four-star historic hotel has 13 rooms (on the first floor there are the two royal suites and four suites, whilst on the second, guests can find seven standard rooms). In total, Monte Pacis can accommodate up to 46 guests. Moreover, the hotel’s guests can access the complex’s historical literature library and spiritual literature room.

All hotel rooms are entitled to the historical personalities who lived or worked at the monastery or just used the hospitality complex.


The Restaurant is run by Chef Raimundas Dambrauskas, who provides a modern interpretation of regional cuisine, with local vegetables and berries and wine from European monasteries. His dishes can be considered as a blend of classics and modern influences.

Restaurant - Monte Pacis