Hotel Platzhirsch in Kufstein, Tyrol

Immerse yourself in a rich heritage thoughtfully embraced in the present moment at the heart of Kufstein. The Platzhirsch, a true gem, seamlessly integrates culinary traditions with the grace of a Viennese coffeehouse and understated luxury. This family-run establishment harmonizes hospitality with a perfect blend of contemporary design and timeless tradition. Venture outside the hotel to explore the historic Old Town, then into the expansive embrace of Tyrolean nature.

As you step into the daily rhythm of the city, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee accompanies its awakening. The Drastil family, stewards of this historic city hotel, have preserved its multi-layered past, dating back to the 14th century when it served various functions like an inn, bank, casino, restaurant, and even a cinema hosting variety shows. Meticulously restored, the hotel today stands as a testament to the fusion of design and tradition.

With 15 unique rooms, each paying homage to history, the Platzhirsch offers an ideal urban sanctuary. These meticulously designed spaces not only retain the historic charm of the building but also interweave it with subtle luxuries. The hotel’s inclusion of a Viennese coffeehouse, featuring its own coffee roastery, patisserie, and delicatessen, transforms the Platzhirsch into a comforting cocoon, inviting you to experience the perfect blend of past and present.


Unterer Stadtplatz 19
6330 Kufstein

Your host:
The Drastil Family

Tel: +43 53 72 21 982

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