Ansitz Heufler in Rasun – Anterselva, South Tyrol

In the heart of South Tyrol, surrounded by picturesque mountain scenery and with breathtaking views of the Kronplatz and the Dolomites, sits the majestic Ansitz Heufler. This historic property, constructed in 1580 by the Lords of Hohenbühel, known as “Heufler zu Rasen,” exudes South Tyrolean elegance and charm. Carefully preserved historic walls seamlessly blend with modern comforts, offering guests a unique experience.

Nestled at the entrance to the Antholz Valley, overlooking its namesake lake, Ansitz Heufler stands as a symbol of history and refinement. Its serene surroundings and towering mountains create an atmosphere of tranquility and inspiration, inviting guests to savor unforgettable moments in a world where time appears to stand still.

Within Ansitz Heufler, luxury intertwines seamlessly with legend, crafting an unforgettable experience. Across its eleven rooms and suites, guests are transported into a world where every detail narrates a tale and tranquility whispers its own poetry. The exclusive lounge bar within the estate’s converted smokehouse, epitomizes the marriage of tradition and innovation. Here, platters adorned with exquisite local South Tyrolean sausages and cheeses, paired with fine wines, serve as conduits bridging eras, all beneath the comforting glow of a crackling fireplace. The “Hearnstube,” a Renaissance gem embellished with intricate inlays and an antique stove, invites guests to marvel and linger.

Ansitz Heufler

Via Valle Anterselva, 24
39030 Rasun – Anterselva
South Tyrol, Italia

Your host:
Carmen Sartori & Luigi Marcello

Tel: +39 04 74 79 02 00

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