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St. George Hotel*****

The St. George Hotel stands on a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Budavár or the Buda Castle Quarter. Towering above the city of Budapest, this site includes the Royal Palace, the historic old town and the Castle Hill boasting such attractions as the Fisherman s Bastion, Matthias Church and Holy Trinity Square.

Within easy walking distance is the Museum of Military History, the National Archives of Hungary and the House of Hungarian Wines. Throughout the area are numerous shops, cafes and entertainment venues that will appeal to travellers of varied interests.

The Castle district is regarded as the most representative and impressive part of historic and present-day Budapest. Surprising to some visitors is the unusual town, the Labyrinth of Budavár, which runs beneath the Castle district. It consists of a 12,000-metre long labyrinth of natural water-carved caverns, caves and underground cellars and wells.

Both the Castle district and the Royal Palace host several museums and art collections including that of the Hungarian National Gallery which attracts thousands of visitors each year. Located in the inner courtyard of the Royal Palace are the National Széchenyi Library and the Museum of History. Here also on public display are excavated architectural artefacts from the ruins of the Royal Palace and sculptures from the Anjou era. Throughout the year – but especially in summertime – the Castle Theatre offers a colourful repertoire of dance performances. The Castle district also hosts festivals featuring handicraft and wine as well as unique cultural programmes.


Stroll along the cobbled, medieval streets of the Castle district
“Europe has three jewelled cities: Venice on the waters, Florence on the plains and Buda on the hill.”, claimed medieval travellers. Today, the view from both banks of the River Danube and the Castle district of Buda form a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Feel the touch of history and the relaxing atmosphere of old Buda compared to the busy downtown area. Walk in the old streets along the charming promenades of the Castle district. Shop in its small boutiques and dine in cafes and restaurants. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Budapest from Tóth Árpád Promenade, the Fishermen s Bastion or from the Palace Square.

In this exceptional environment next to Holy Trinity Square and Matthias Church stands the St. George Residence. A stone’s throw away is the former Royal Palace (which accommodates the National Gallery), the Sándor Palace (which currently is the Residence of the President), the National Archives of Hungary and the Museum of Military History.


St. George Hotel*****

Fortuna utca 4.
1014 Budapest

Tel: +36 1 39 35 700

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