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Pestana Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Pestana Plaza Mayor Madrid occupies two historical buildings, Casa de la Carnicería (literally Butchery House), a former warehouse that supplied meat during the 17th century and a former fire station facing Calle Imperial.

These emblematic buildings were transformed by the Pestana Hotel Group into an urban oasis in the dense and lively old center of Madrid.

The luxury hotel respects the original architecture and history of the place. Its scale is perfectly framed by the surrounding statue of King Philip III of Spain, the monumental arches of the Plaza and the beautiful murals of Casa de la Panadería.

All rooms keep the ancient history and culture of Madrid. The contemporary furniture is well combined with classic elements that refer to the local patrimony of the city. Available in several categories, our rooms have an unique identity and they offer very special experiences.

The Hotel testifies to the history and culture of Madrid, its legacies of Islamic art and the colors inspired by the great painters like Goya or Velazquez, or the old ragged drawings of the Royal Tapestries Factory, linking to modernity thanks to the new trait and colorful expressionist.

Pestana Plaza Mayor Madrid

Calle Imperial 8
28012 Madrid

Your host:
Rafael Ramírez

Tel: +34 91 005 2822

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