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Luby Castle

The castle was built by Geza Luby between 1877-79.
The Classicist style, multy-storey building and the surrounding gorgeus rose garden was unique and rare in Szatmar county.

Following a long history of ownership change, after 1949 the building was uninhabited for a while than operated its doors as a primary school.
After long years of uninhabitation the reconstruction of the ruined castle started in 2010 and lasted for 2 years.
The work not only concentrated on preserving the authentical building style, but – following the dreams of the first owner and builter of Geza Luby – a richer and a more compelling building complex was achieved, giving place for one of the largest thematic rose gardens in Hungary.
Today, the Luby Interactive Castle Museum is opened for the public with its unique and pecuilar programs.

The visitors – by testing their knowledge and skills – can solve tasks in a playful and competitive way with the help of modern IT tools.
In doing so, they make a time travel within the historical and literary values of Szatmar county, its geographical and ethnographic features, flora and fauna.
The exciting building gives a memorable experience to all ages, it is an ideal program for school groups and families.

Besides the interactive games the castle hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions and also displays a photo gallery of the Luby family and the history of the castle renovation project.


Luby Castle

Petőfi S. utca 6.
4922 Nagyar

Tel: +36/20/479-4313

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