Project Description

Hotel Mikulášska chata

Our complex consists of three separate buildings at very close proximity

Mikulášska chata

The main building – Mikulasska chata is the original building and one of the eldest mountaineer’s chalets in the Low Tatras. In here you will find reception desk, restaurant, coffee room and children’s playroom. Accommodation consists of 13 double bedrooms and 4 suites. All are en-suite, with additional pull out or sofa bed available.

Vrbická Chalet

New built chalet of our hotel complex, named Vrbicka, detached on the outside but interconnected to the main building (Mikulasska chata) via underground tunnel. This is place also where you will find one of the prettiest spas in Jasna resort. It comprises 9 double bedrooms and 4 suites with the view of natural lake.


These are independent double bedrooms situated away from the hustle and bustle of the main building. Secluded accommodation, comfortable double bedrooms, where you can enjoy peace and quiet, and are all pet friendly. The building consists of 5 separate en-suite units, each split into 2 double bedrooms with shared main entrance. Come and join us.

Hotel Mikulášska Chata

Demänovská Dolina 75
031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš

Tel: +421 918 371 702
+421 44 55 916 76

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