Top Local Traditions in Lithuania

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Planning a trip to Lithuania?  Lithuania has been through some amazing history, and quite a few interesting places and traditions have survived until our times. Discover authentic traditions and interesting habits of locals in Lithuania. Have a look at this article to find out the top traditions in this beautiful [...]

Best European destinations to visit in July

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It's time to plan your summer vacation! Europe in July is an idyllic traveller’s paradise teeming a lifelong journey with many cultures and cities to experience. July is practically the perfect month to visit the continent. The cities are buzzing with things to do and the climate across most of [...]

Top water sports and activities you must try

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Looking for the best and funniest water sports to try on your summer vacation? Water sports come in all shapes and sizes. They are fun, thrilling, and unique experiences. For an extra dose of excitement, consider checking out a few of our top choices in this article.   Canyoning Canyoning is a breathtaking water [...]

10 tips for the perfect road trip

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More tourists than ever are taking to the roads for memorable vacations. There’s no question about it: road trips are amazing and will stay with you for life. However, these trips require a certain amount of forward planning and preparation to ensure everything runs smoothly. Have a look at this guide and get the [...]

Discover the Dolomites: A stunning UNESCO World Heritage site

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The Dolomites are a holiday region bursting with natural beauty and diversity. Whether connoisseur, active or adventurous, the Italian Dolomites amaze everyone! The site of the Dolomites comprises a mountain range in the northern Italian Alps, numbering 18 peaks which rise to above 3,000 metres. It features some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes [...]

Green tourism what it is and why it is so important

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What is green tourism? Why is it so important? Which are the key benefits of this type of tourism? In an age where the impact of tourism is becoming visibly apparent, green tourism becomes extremely important. Read on to find out more. Definition and origins Green tourism stands for small-scale tourism which involves visiting [...]

Best Things to do in Lisbon: Your ultimate guide

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If you are visiting Lisbon for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by the multitude of things to do. Lisbon is a multicultural, passionate, multifaceted city that will conquer you with its mix of modern and old-fashioned. Have a look at this travel guide to discover the best things to do in the [...]

Croatia and its national parks

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Croatia is not only the perfect destination for a relaxing beach vacation, but it is also rich in unique natural landscapes. This amazing country offers 8 national parks and 11 nature parks which are a natural spectacle par excellence. Let’s explore them together! Plitvice Lakes National Park The Plitvice Lakes National Park received the [...]

Travel ideas for your Easter vacation

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Easter is one of our favourite times to travel. Temperatures are warm enough for enjoyable sightseeing, yet the crowd sizes are much smaller than you will see starting in May and June. With the holiday just around the corner, choose off this list of some of the most interesting Easter destinations for an unforgettable [...]

Slow Travel: Rediscover mindfulness and deceleration

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In an age where our society is becoming ever faster, more complex and more confusing, slow travel becomes more and more important. Slow travel is all about mindfulness and deceleration, conscious experiences, respectful interaction with people and nature, and a relaxed way of travelling without stress. Definition and origin Slow travel can be described [...]

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